This display is made up of two pieces: The V25-A is the taller arch and the V25-B is the smaller arch that fits underneath. Each arch can be purchased separately but together they make the Vario Flat Arch V25.

The Vario V25 Flat Arch has the clean stylish modern line, it’s the easy to use entry statement! Click ADD TO CART for a quote today.

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The Vario Arch has the clean stylish modern lines, use it as a standalone or multiples to make a real statement.

It’s the easy to use entry statement, Illuminate it for effect.

Constructed in the modern European styling, using high grade anodized aluminum tube.

The pouch style cover allows you to have your message on all three sides of the system.

It only takes a few minutes to assemble and create this stunning eye catching stand.

The frame work is completely concealed within the pouch.

The easy to assemble construction requires no tools and is done in minutes.

The disperse dyed print is easily installed and tensioned using a zip.

Should it ever get marked or dirty its machine washable.

All faces are in single pieces with minimal joins enhancing the sleek lines of this stylish display stand

Available in the 1 size 2700mm high 5000mm wide and 900mm deep

Total weight is around 10kg for the entire arch

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Our Vario Textile Prints are easily maintained by adhering to the Vario Textile Care Instructions.


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